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About India

Why India?

India - an ancient civilization, which is home to more than 1.2 billion people is the world's most populous democracy. fast growing economic powerhouse, today India can't be ignored by any business that has global aspirations.One of the largest educated, English speaking workforce, with the median age below 25: India's most adbundant resource is also its most valueable asset, i.e. it's people.

Registering impressive economic, scientific and social achievements in the last two decades, the message is clear - India is open for business.

Most experts project that during the next 30-years, India will become the world’s third-largest economy behind China and the U.S. India’s $1.8 trillion economy offers global CPG companies a rapidly expanding middle class of enthusiastic consumers, an improving infrastructure and a young, well-educated, motivated labor force with senior managers who often become candidates for larger roles in their global organizations. Early entrants such as PepsiCo, Unilever, Nestle and Amway are hugely profitable in India today, but there is room for many more players.

The environmental Technologies market in India is estimated at approximately USD 9 Billion per year with an annual growth rate of 15 %. The Indian Government has initiated many new projects for improving environmental conditions and reducing pollution [USD 12.4 billion is reserved for improvement of waste management, development of urban areas, water and sanitation, etc. in 63 cities nationwide. The booming Indian Economy , rapid industrialization and urbanization have all contributed to the severe environmental damage which creates opportunities for firms that can offer technology solutions to these challenges.


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