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Exhibition Overview

In present scenario due to industrialization and increased population, the drains may carry untreated industrial and municipal waste, If not treated properly and may cause multiple environmental hazards for mankind.

Indian cities are facing tribulations of urban congestion, deteriorating air and water quality and waste management while the rural areas are prone to deforestation, biodiversity and habitat loss, crop failure, desertification, land degradation, clean drinking water, noise pollution, sanitation.

Environmentally-friendly technologies in the context of pollution are process and product technologies that generate low or no waste, for the prevention of pollution and can be found all around us like biofuels, solar panels, wind turbines, recycling systems for waste or water, etc. Attractive Investment is found in energy efficiency, clean energy, water resources and reclamation, waste-to-value, and environmental services sectors which is already big. There are really interesting business opportunities in the near and intermediate term.

Everybody to some extent, has a connection to nature. New technologies, climate change, research and innovation, environmental education, strategic management of waste, water, energy efficiency, low impact technologies, sustainable mobility all these themes will be focused for the development in the field of environmental technology which will be the object in the new edition of  ENVIROTECH ASIA by Radeecal Communications.

ENVIROTECH ASIA will provide a topical arena for industry professionals to enhance their technical knowledge and share knowledge with their peers in non-commercial environment. Alongside the exhibition providing an innovative showcase of industry leading companies demonstrating the very latest technology and Arctic operations, we also have organized a conference, on WASTE TO RESOURCES featuring a plenary session from renowned speakers, technical presentations and panel sessions.

Promotion of new programmes that foster the development and take-up of new cost-effective and innovative environmental technologies offers opportunities that are good for business, reduce pressure on the environment, and can create new quality jobs. ENVIROTECH ASIA Exhibition encourages such companies by giving them the platform to promote themselves for consolidation as the opportunities are plentiful because of the highly fragmented market.


Envirotech Asia offers the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals after the end of each session.


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