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Pollution control system is widely understood as Only Air-pollution control system. But it covers Air Pollution control, Noise Pollution control, water Pollution control, soil Pollution control etc.


Companies who care for pollution from its source, there are variety of pollution control systems which focusing on different sectors like Air Pollution Control system & Water Pollution Control system. Pollution Control system helps reducing or preventing polluting particle of hazardous particles to get directly in to the environment system.


Air Pollution control – Now a day air pollution control system is very important concern for industries as many industries releasing toxic waste in air for that reason every industry needed to release any kind of air after purification. Which helps in reducing pollution in air.


Major two types of Air Pollution Controlling are done.

  • Particulate Control – Special machinery is used to filter out particulate Pollution from gases. It is a kind of physical matter separation from air.

Ways of particulate control:

  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Cyclone Separators
  • Fabric Filters
  • Gas Control – In normal chemical methods are used for separation of pollutant component from gas. It is always useful to remove hazardous gasses from waste or else it may lead to acid rain.

Ways of particulate control:

  • Scrubbers method
  • Incineration method

Carbon Capture