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Recycling process possess the conversion of non-usable or waste materials in to new or usable materials. Recycling process can lead us to reduce first point of production of material which normally generates greenhouse gas emissions. Book your Registration for Envirotech Asia exhibition On recycling technology and exhibition on sewage technology.


What are the benefits of Recycling Waste:

  1. It reduces the amount of waste disposals.
  2. It helps to reduces greenhouse gas production.
  3. Saves overall production energy.


What are the general process of Recycling:

  1. Collection of Waste – Waste materials collected from sources and brought to the collection centers approved by pollution control boards.
  2. Separation or Sorting of waste – Separation process is most important part of recycling, waste contains many different types of material, elements & Metals, which are separated and collected in bulk.
  3. Processing of separated materials – After separation material is brought to the processing centers where material is melted or processed to make it pure and produced raw for the industrial use.
  4. Manufacturing – Processed Raw product is brought to the manufacturing industries as per the standards and new product is formed for the selling to the market with or without label of Recycled product.


Some major Recycling are as bellow:

  1. E-waste recycling
  2. Plastic product or material recycling
  3. Physical recycling
  4. Metal recycling
  5. Chemical recycling
  6. Paper recycling
  7. Wood recycling
  8. Water recycling