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Renewable energy – Renewable energy are the source which can be used again and again to generate energy from nature, such as sunlight, wind Energy, rainfall, sea tides & waves, and geothermal heat or vapor. Normally we can get renewable energy in four important forms: production of electricity, warm or cold air/water, transportation, and sustainable rural energy. Book your Registration for Envirotech Asia exhibition on renewable energy.

We invite major companies to participate in exhibition who are working hard to make renewable energy to make our primary sources of energy.


Types & Resources of Renewable Energy:

Sunlight Energy: Sun energy can be used either directly or indirectly. Solar energy, we can use Sunlight directly for electricity Generation by Solar Panels, some heat panels are used to hot the water, and also solar cooling system, also variety of commercial products which can change direct sunlight to another mode of energy.

Many Solar fields or parks are being built to produce more and more electricity from natural resources to fulfil India’s huge requirement of Electricity.

Wind Power: Wind is generated by heating of atmospheric air by natural process, human has learned to utilize this natural process to generate more electricity. Wind farms are places or built in wind prominent land, wind farms generate electricity which utilized by authorities to supply it to civilians.

Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy is also a way that generates enormous amount of energy from the core of the earth. This energy is utilized to produce electric power.

To utilize the geothermal energy, Geothermal plants are created. There are main three variety of geothermal power plants:

  1. Dry steam power plant – This type of plant is the oldest type of the Geothermal Plant, in this method ground is pierced to evacuate steam to drive turbines to generate Electric power.
  2. Flash Steam Power plant – This Type of plan is the most common form this method Hot water this pumped to the ground with high pressure pumps this turns water in to steam, this steam is drived with pressure to run the turbines, which leads to generation of electricity. Later the steam is condensed to form water again and pumped back in to the geothermal rocks to heat it up again for reuse.
  3. Binary Steam Power plant – This type of plan works on different combination of methods. In this method geothermal fluid and power plant fluid is kept separate. Geothermal fluid is pumped in to a chamber which contains a heat exchanger, this exchanged heat is diverted to power plant fluid, this power plant fluid is heats up and transformed in to steam to run the turbines to generate electricity.