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SWM involves many sectors which are described below and each sub-sector involves waste range of companies who are working to clean environment. Book your Registration for Envirotech Asia exhibition on solid waste management technology.


Solid waste management means collection of all kind of waste and processing it for treatment. It also gives solutions of reusing tools that do not belong to garbage or Waste material. Managed waste is a kind of best source for reusable materials. Solid waste management should be embraced by each and every household including the business owners across the world. Industrialization has brought a lot of good things and bad things as well. One of the negative effects of industrialization is the creation of solid waste.

  • Residential – Residences and homes where people live are some of the major sources of solid waste. Garbage from these places include food wastes, plastics, paper, glass, leather, cardboard, metals, yard wastes, ashes and special wastes like bulky household items like electronics, tires, batteries, old mattresses and used oil. Every household uses dustbins for garbage, their garbage is collected by a collecting agency to be separated for process.
  • Industrial – Industrial waste has no specific site where they can dump their waste. Thermal power stations are the main generator of solid waste, industries generate many metal as well as hazardous solid waste which are harmful to society. Medical waste is also a concern for industrial waste as they are very hazardous waste and which needs serious care.
  • Commercial – Commercial wastes are mostly non-hazardous solid waste this waste is mostly generated by commercial builders and real estate companies. This includes hotels and hospitality, crop markets, restaurants & motels, warehouses and offices. This waste includes plastics waste materials, food disposals, hard metals, scrap paper, trash glass, wood and other hazardous Materials.
  • Municipal services –  It’s obvious to have municipal services to produce waste as they work for the society to make it better developed. Municipal waste contains street garbage, tree & branch debris, waste from government water treatment plants as well as other utility plants.


  • Agriculture – Farms are also a major source of solid waste as farmers grow agriculture products which normally produce huge solid waste, waste also produced by loose of crop product by some natural disaster.


  • Biomedical – Biomedical waste is produced by Hospitals & Research labs. This waste is very hazardous and which needs to be cleared are destroyed as soon as possible as this waste can harm civilians’ health.